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Career Opportunities

  As an employee of BIG Inventory, the National Hospital Inventory Service, you may travel throughout the United States including Hawaii, Alaska and Hospital inventory services at any hospital Puerto Rico.  We are looking for people interested in working at the highest level of accuracy and detail in  the unique healthcare environment.  Most candidates have healthcare, inventory, accounting or supply  chain experience.  However, we will review each and every application.Job Opportunities at BIG Inventory

      Hospitals today are more cost conscious than ever before.  With pressure from government agencies, insurance companies and board memebers, hospitals are under incredible scrutiny.  This is why they depend on BIG Inventory's Professional Hospital Inventory Services for accurate and detailed data for their supply chain decisions.

      At BIG Inventory, Inc., because our people are our greatest assets, we're committed to empowering our employees and we want to help them realize their full potential. With empowerment comes opportunity. Opportunities for people who are highly motivated, self-managed and relish the challenge of leadership while working within a team environment.

      As a leader in the hospital inventory service industry, we work with some of the world's most innovative hospital supply chain managers. from small independent Not-For-Profit hospitals to some of the largest networks and IDNs. If this is of interest to you please click on the JOB picture below.

Jobs at BIG Hospital Inventory Service

  • A Complete Plan

    30 days prior to the start of your physical inventory BIG works with you and your team to prepare and the support continues up to 30 days after your BIG Event.

  • Web-Conference

    As part of the preparation process we hold a Web-Conference so your staff understands everyone's role in your upcoming BIG Event.

  • We work in hospitals

    We appreciate the unique nature of the healthcare environment and work quietly and unobtrusively--always keeping in mind a Patient First philosophy!

  • No Headaches Approach

    Once we arrive our BIG Project Manager will coordinate all activities to make the overall process smooth and efficient, allowing your staff to focus on what they do best.